Brighter Rainbows Official Children's Charity


“Through the eyes of innocence”                                                                                                

A child awakens to a world of innocence and joy.

The mind of a child awakens to new world of meaning.

A child awakens to a world of sheer beauty and expectation.

Excitement love emotions to a world of joy and imagination.

It takes a world to make a child in both spirit and soul.

It takes a world to teach and show a child a world of wonder and peace.

It takes a community to nourish nurture and help ensure the protection safety and happiness our of our children.                       



 Our Vision 

Our Vision imagines a culture where the well-being of children is universally understood and valued; and where raising children in surroundings that ensure healthy, safe and nurturing experiences is supported by the actions of every individual in every community.

It is a vision in which it becomes the norm for all parents and caregivers to seek and accept qualified support regarding the knowledge and skills required for effective parenting and child development, and for the general public to become educated and engaged in supporting the well-being of children.

It is a vision of a time where the word "parent" is more than simply a noun (or 'title'), defining a particular individual, and instead becomes a verb (or 'action'), describing the behaviors to be embraced by all individuals.

And it is a vision where "preventing child abuse" no longer describes the cause we each support, but rather begins to define the effect of everything that we do to help children and families                         


                Success is Knowing that every Child in our community knows how to ask for help, and  trusts that the community cares and is there to assist.


                            “When the lives and rights of any child are in danger. There                                                                                                                  can never be such a thing as silent witnesses”