Brighter Rainbows Official Children's Charity

                             Welcome to Buddy's Corner           

When I was just a little bear I felt different from other bears. I was really sad that nobody wanted to take me home. I was either too big or too heavy. I just wanted a loving home. 

One lonely day I heard The BRO-CCAAB Team talking about a very special bear with a big job. This special bear was going to take sick children to the zoo and have his very own push chair, ride on the back of a motorcycle and have a special patch and jacket. 

They talked about a special name and what it should be. They decided this was a big job and everybody got to vote. 

I was so jealous of this special bear until I saw a special jacket with Buddy on it, a new helmet, some really cool sunglasses some boots and jeans. 

Before I knew what had happened everyone called me Buddy. 

They all gave me a cuddle and welcomed me. My fur got brushed and I was dressed in that special jacket, jeans, sunglasses and boots. 


Hi Everyone .... My name is Buddy and I have that very special job.