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                                    ABOUT US.



BRO-CCAAB was founded by Julz Lee in West Auckland.

Julz has spent many years working with children from the rehabilitation league. She has fund-raised for charities such as Heart Stoppers and Breast Cancer. Julz hosts her own Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Event.

Over the last two years from this event as well as Star Walks she has raised over $13,000.

Julz has plenty of experience as a corporate events team leader and is well known and respected in her field. After suffering a major stroke in her early 20's, Julz spent over 7 years learning to walk and talk as well as read and write so please excuse any grammar mistakes on this site.

Julz has witnessed first-hand the time, effort, kindness and most of all the patience of the people involved in her medical team, who work with trauma and brain injuries.

She has worked on Crime Watch, also with the Hilary Commission as a self- defense instructor at West Wave in Henderson teaching the elderly.

BRO-CAAB takes Children's Charities very seriously. Their goal is to assist charities not fully funded or only partially funded by the Government, to help buy much needed equipment.

BRO-CCAAB prides itself in being transparent showing where the funds and donations are spent as the organization believes people deserve to see where their hard earned money goes.

BRO-CCAAB supports Children's Charities. 


 The Effects of Child Abuse.                           


Child abuse, traumatic experiences and neglect have a huge impact on a child's brain development. Trauma occurs when a child feels intensely threatened by an event in which he or she is involved in or is witness to and it is often followed by serious injury or harm.

Most Children usually experience abuse or traumatic event's (occurring repeatedly over an extended period of time).

Traumatic abuse usually involves witnessing domestic violence, abuse on other siblings in the home environment, suffering violent abuse themselves or witnessing repeated violent abuse on a parent. Research show's overwhelming evidence that these forms of abuse have a huge impact on functioning brain development, social skills, and emotional physical damage and health.