Brighter Rainbows Official Children's Charity



The Brighter Rainbows Team are extremely passionate about today’s children/youth and families.   

 Brighter Rainbows is a registered children/youth Charitable Trust that provides support, activities, programs and information for child/youth and families and with several types of disabilities. Brighter Rainbow’s isn't Government Funded. We are proud to work in the Community with our dedicated team and offer families and Whanau flexible support services and much-needed anti-bullying programs.

 We provide support groups and public awareness of all cultures within our communities

* Maori

* Pasifika

* Ethnic 

We provide activities for children/youth with different types of Brain-development problems, learning problems and disabilities that can effect happiness social development and wellbeing. 

 What we offer is an happy environment where all Children/Youth disabled of all ages are included in everyday events and activities within our community. Our role isn’t about ticking boxes or claiming to be experts in anyone’s lives it’s about offering

        * Support Groups 

         * Events the whole family can enjoy

         * Self- Defence Programs 

        * Cooking Programs

         * Confidence and Life Skills 

         * Anti-Bullying Programs   

        * Timeout for parents  

        *  Equal opportunity’s


We are Based in West Auckland, but are nationwide and provide anti-bullying School and after school programs in West Auckland and South Auckland as well as events and other programs.

 We are very concerned and passionate about the effects of Bullying in our Schools and Community 

 Children/Youth with brain-development problems, learning disabilities and disabled face many different challenges, these include being bullied, physical barriers created by other people’s attitudes and discrimination often resulting in both mental and general wellbeing problems.They can also face a lack of access to much needed information, resources and support.

 We work at trying to solve these issues and create awareness of the huge social impact and gap that isn't being covered, when necessary we also support families,Whanau in schools.