Julz and Darryn Lee from West Auckland are extremely passionate about today’s children and their families.   

Their goal is to fund raise, money for children, families and charities not fully funded or partly funded by the Government. Their vision is to ensure that all children have a chance to grow up and have the same opportunities. And to have available the necessary medical equipment and services to help improve the children’s quality of life. They would like to be able to offer these beautiful children every chance available to enjoy all the happiness, joy and laughter that childhood should have to offer. 

      The old saying that laughter is the best medicine turns out to be true. The more we laugh, the happier we are! It actually changes our body chemistry. So the next time you and your child want to shake off the doldrums, how about a Warner brothers movie?

And here’s a wonderful tool: smiling makes us happier, even when we initially force it. The feedback from our facial muscles informs us that we’re happy, and immediately improves our mood. Not to mention the moods of those around us "So turn those frowns upside down.